How to Avoid Modeling Agency Scams

When searching for a modeling agency, you have to be careful as there are so many "fake" modeling agencies out there. Read the article below to learn how to avoid modeling agency scams.

If you are an aspiring model or a model just looking for a modeling agent, you have to be extremely careful and do all you can to try and not get scammed by a fake, non legitimate modeling agent. To learn a few signs and things you can watch out for to try and avoid getting scammed by a modeling agency that is not legitimate, then read the article below.

Avoid Modeling Agencies that ask for upfront fees:
If a modeling agency asks for money upfront in order for them to represent you, then walk away immediately. The modeling agency is not legitimate and the modeling agency is trying to scam you out of your hard earned money. No legitimate modeling agency will ask you for any money in order to represent you. The only time a modeling agency may ask you for money is to be listed in their headsheet books or their agency website.

Avoid Modeling Agencies that guarantee you modeling jobs:
Any modeling agency that guarantees you that you will modeling jobs is a scam company. A modeling agency doesn’t have the right to guarantee you work. There job is to submit you to their clients and the clients normally choose what model they want to book, therefore, a modeling agency doesn’t necessarily have the final word on you getting booked for a job. If a modeling agency tells you they will guarantee you modeling work, then immediately leave.

Avoid Modeling Agencies that make your use their photographers:
If you have a modeling agency that tells you that you must shoot with their photographer, then that agency is probably not legitimate. A modeling agency can recommend photographers to you to shoot with, but they should not be telling you that you must shoot with their agency photographer only in order to work with them, then they are more than likely not legitimate.

Avoid Modeling Agencies that make you pay for modeling classes:
If a modeling agency tells you that the only way you can be represented by them is to pay and attend their modeling classes, then the agency is more than likely not legitimate. A legitimate modeling agency will not make you pay for modeling classes in order to be represented by them. A modeling agency may offer modeling workshops that are optional for you to take, but a modeling agency making you take modeling classes is not legit.