How to Become a Delias Model

Learn how to become a DELIAS Model and be in their print ads, billboards, on their website, in-store ads, fashion shows and television commercials. Read the steps below to learn how to become an DELIAS Model.

Get some pictures taken. You can even get someone with a camera to take some pictures of you. Make sure you stand in front of a plain, white wall or background and make sure the photographs are clear. Get many copies of your best photographs made.

Get a list of modeling agencies that you can send your pictures to in order to get representation with a modeling agency. You can find a free list of modeling agencies by going to the links below under the resources section. Send copies of your photos that you got printed to multiple modeling agencies. Be sure to include a cover letter with your contact information and your sizes.

Mail your photographs using list of modeling agencies. If you want your photos sent back to you, include a self-addressed envelope so that the modeling agency can mail back your photographs.

While waiting to hear back from a modeling agency to see if they are interested in working with you, try to get some modeling experience and exposure by working modeling jobs. You can do this by searching for free casting calls and free auditions and submitting yourself to various modeling jobs on and other free casting calls and free auditions websites.

When you hear back from a modeling agency that interested in representing you, ask your modeling agent if they can submit you to DELIAS. Your modeling agent should have contacts at DELIAS and other fashion companies, in order to try and get you booked for DELIAS modeling gigs so that you can become an DELIAS model.