How to Become a Model for Free

Modeling doesn’t really have to cost you anything at all. You can actually become a model for free. Just follow the steps below to learn how to become a model for free.

Get Free Modeling Pictures:
Find TFP (Time for Print Photographers) who would be willing to shoot you for free and give you free pictures. Many new photographers or even more experienced photographers photograph models on a tfp or tfcd (time for cd basis) in order to get new photos for their portfolios or they even photograph models for free to test out new lighting equipment.

Get a Modeling Agent
Once you have some pictures, get a modeling agent. Just find a reputable and legit modeling agency and send your photos to them. You may even be able to attend an agency’s open call if they have one. Contact a modeling agency to see what their requirements are for new talent submitting to them.

Find Modeling Jobs for Free
There are a few free audition and free casting call websites such as which allow talent to search for all types of modeling jobs. Visit the website and apply to modeling jobs for free that you may be interested in.