How to Become a Print Model

Print modeling can be a fun way to make money and is open to a wider range of people because mostly all heights are accepted, unlike runway modeling. Whether you want to do fashion print modeling or commercial print modeling to model in magazines, billboards, posters, calendars and other print media, there are a few ways to become a print model. Follow the steps below to learn different ways to become a print model and start booking print modeling jobs.

Determine the type of print model you can be, as there are multiple types of print models including: Fashion Print Models, Commercial Print Models, Catalog Print Models, Swimwear Print Models, Maxim Style Print Models and Calendar and Poster Print Models. If you are tall and thin, you could possibly do fashion print modeling. If you are under 5’9”, you should try commercial print modeling. If you are in shape and comfortable with your body, you could possibly do maxim style, calendar or poster print modeling.

Hire a professional photographer. To become a print model, you should find multiple photographers that you can shoot with to build a modeling portfolio. Before hiring a photographer, check the quality of the photographer’s portfolio to see if the photographer has shot models similar to the category of modeling you are looking to do. If you like the photographer’s work, setup a photo shoot with them and be sure to take lots of photos for the type of print modeling you want to do.

If you don’t have the money to hire a professional photographer, you can work with Time for Print (TFP) photographers in your local area or areas that you are willing to travel to. Time for print photographers will book you for free photo shoots and you will be able to get more practice in front of a camera and at the same time, get free modeling pictures.

Apply to print modeling job notices to become a print model. You can find a list of print modeling jobs at the free casting call website "All Casting Calls". The website address is Just go through the casting call list on the website and apply to any of the print modeling jobs displayed on the website that you fit the part.

Once you have photos from your photo shoot, you will need to get modeling comp cards. Comp cards (also known a composite cards) are a model’s business card. Choose your best photos from your photo shoot and get comp cards.

Once you have your comp cards, send them to print modeling agencies. There are lots of print modeling agencies that you can apply to in order to try and get modeling representation for their print modeling division. Send your modeling comp cards along with a cover letter with your personal contact information to multiple print modeling agencies. You can find a free list of modeling agencies here on All Modeling.

Once you are represented by a print modeling agent, they will start sending you on casting calls and go-sees for print modeling jobs. If you are unable to get a print modeling agent, you can become a freelance print model by looking through casting call listings online to find print modeling jobs and applying to the jobs yourself. Before applying for a job, research the company first and take someone with you if you get booked as a safety precaution. You can also participate in modeling contests such as which is for teens and adults or modeling contests for kids where if you win, you will win the cover of a magazine as well as get other print modeling jobs.