Modeling Agent- Modeling and talent agents provide representation to models, actors and other talent. The agency helps you find work and collects a commisiona after your work is complete. The agency commission is usually 10-20% and gives you the rest.

Booking- A Booking happens when a company selects a model for a particular job.

Book- A book is usually used when referring to a model’s portfolio.

When you tell your agency that you are unavailable to work for certain day(s), for example, a vacation or another job

Callback- All callback is when a client is interested in a model or actor and would like to see them for a second time, prior to making the ultimate selection as to who will get the modeling job.

Posing for mail order items for major retailers

Card with 3-5 photos of model and their height, eye and hair color and size information to promote and distribute to prospective clients See what it looks like

Fashion Modeling- Fashion modeling is modeling where the clothing is the central focus.

Fitting- A model goes to a fitting prior to being booked for, say, a runway job. There, the model tries on the clothes of the designer so that booking and other decisions can be made about the talent.

Figure Modeling- Fashion modeling is the kind of modeling where the body is the central focus, such as nude modeling.

Fit models- Fit models are used to test the sizing of sample garments.

Freelance Model - Modeling for many clients without agency representation

Go-See- An interview or audition for a model prior to being booked

Junior Model- A model that looks young and can model junior-sized clothing.

MODEL AGENCY - represents model for employment and receives a percentage of the bookings

Model Bag- Any bag that is used to carry the necessary items a model needs, such as a change of clothes, deodorant, combs and brushes.

Modeling Jobs - jobs that models book including: Print Modeling Jobs, Runway Modeling Jobs, Commercial Print Jobs, etc...

Model Release- A model release is a contract a model signs giving clients permission to use photos of them.

OPEN CALL - casting when the client sees all models suitable for the type requested

Parts Model- A parts model is a model that is photographed at specific parts of the body, such as the model’s hands or feet.

Portfolio- Contains photos, usually of a model’s prior work, that is used at go-sees to determine which model will be selected for a job.

PRINT WORK - photography taken for catalog and mail order, books, brochures, ads for magazines or newspapers, magazine covers, commercial photography for household products, business products and services, glamour products

Runway Modeling- The opposite of Print Work, this modeling usually involves a catwalk for models to display a designers clothing line.

SCOUT - to look for prospective models from other, smaller agencies, other locations, or even in the mall or while on the beaches; finding model potential in a crowd

SHOOT - photo session

TEST SHOTS, TEST PHOTOGRAPHY - free or low cost photos used to build a beginning portfolio 3/4 SHOTS photo from head to mid thigh